Shipping Questions:

I ordered but my package has not arrived yet?

If your order has been shipped you will receive an email which will contain a tracking code.

You can use the tracking code to see where your package is located. In general we do not know more than you can see yourself from the code.

Contact us if your package takes more than a week to arrive (depending a bit on your destination, some world shipping might take up to a month).

UPDATE: Due to corona many shipping providers are struggling with the work load. Your package may take much longer than usual to arrive.

What is the shipping time from Texel to my location?

In general shipping times are not longer from Texel than from any other destination.

I have ordered an I would like to add something to my order!

This might be still possible if the order has not yet been picked and packed yet. We will only do this based on how busy it is and as an extra service. Please be sure you order what you want the first time you order so you are not disappointed when we are not able anymore to add something.

Why is shipping so expensive for this tiny item?

Unfortunately shipping does not scale well with size. In earlier times we sometimes shipped something in an envelope with a stamp. We have the experience that these often get lost and unfortunately sinds the beginning of 2020 the shippers also do not allow goods to be shipped in envelopes anymore. This means that for us the smallest shipping size cost is our base shipping cost. Even for small items.

Our tip is to buy more per order, this makes the shipping costs smaller in comparison 😉