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Version 2.2 – 15 February 2019

When you buy something from Meaningful Crafts you will be eligable for a refund within a term of 30 days after the sale.

You do not need to give your reason, although doing so will be appreciated and allows us to learn and use the information to improve our products and service.

Return term

We have extended the lawful return term to 30 days from the obligatory lawful 14 days. Within this time period you are allowed to test the product like you would do within a physical store. You are allowed to open a product unless it is a sealed product. You should take care not to damage the packaging more then absolutely necessary. If you have done more than what is strictly necessary to test the product and when this created damage than we can bill you for those costs.

The Return term ends 30 days after the day you, or by you appointed third party has received the product.

If your order contains multiple products with different delivery times, the date of reception of the last product will count for the start of the 30 day period.

If you have agreed to a subscription model or any other regular delivery of a certain set products, the return term will 30 days after recieving the first product.


To utilize the option to return you will have to return the goods within 14 days after notifying us through the contact form that you would like to opt to return the product.

Please return the product to:

Meaningful Crafts,
Wezenland 1,
1791 AZ Den Burg (Texel)

Preferably you will sent the product back in the original packaging and at least you will make sure that the product is sufficiently protected for the return shipping. Usually the box we originally shipped the product in to you will suffice.


In case of a return you will be reimbursed for all payments including the costs of shipping to you. We will do so within 14 days and will unless instructed otherwise use the same payment method as you have used to pay us.

You are responsible and bear the costs for the return shipping costs. For some heavy or big shipments it might be good to check the amounts ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises. Check for instance or When in doubt you can ask us what we advice for the specific return shipment.


The following cases are excluded from the right of return:

  • Any orders to persons or legal persons who buy on a commercial basis. (If you recieve the wholesale prices or the institution discount this applies to you).
  • The sale of editions of magazines.
  • Products that have been produced to your specifications
  • Products that have been cut to size on your behalf.