Trees Instruction video

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit with our 'Christmas trees' needle felting kit. This video guides you through the whole process of creating your own felt Christmas trees, a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations.

What You're Going To Do:

  • Tree base: We start by forming the base using a wooden log and Bhedawool.
  • Felt the Tree: Then you will learn how to felt the wool to get the distinctive Christmas tree shape.
  • Decoration: We conclude by adding decorations to give your little tree a personal touch.

What's in Your Kit:

Everything you need for your felted Christmas tree is in the set: Bhedawool, a wooden trunk, and felting needles.

Follow our step-by-step video and transform your home into a Christmas wonderland with your homemade felt Christmas trees. Put on your favourite Christmas music and enjoy felting!