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Get ready to give your loved ones the perfect creative Christmas present! Wether you have a friend or family member who is crazy for creativity or if you want to make a hand-made gift for someone, we have got you covered with this Christmas 2020 Top 8 creative gifts guide!

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This year, more then ever, there is space for creativity and making things at home. This allows us to make beautiful things for ourselves and others. It is amazing how creativity can make us forget the world outside and transcend our daily troubles.

The gifts below are all made out of the best materials in their respective handicrafts and there are gifts suitable for all levels of crafting experience!

So no longer hesitate and dive with us into our Top 8 recommended creative Christmas gifts for 2020. Discover and or spread the joy of making things yourself!

1 Macramé Lamp

Bring light to the dark nights with this Macramé Lamp. Macramé is very trendy and this self-made lamp is easy enough so that beginners can make it and proudly hang it in their houses! This simple-to-make kit, with a stunning lamp as end result, is a perfect gift for anybody wanting to make something useable and stylish.

The kit includes clear instructions in Dutch and English. Check it out here!

This kit is for macramé enthusiasts and for those who need an awesome lamp in their lives.

2 Dry-Felting kit: Dino’s

Needle felting is simple and fun. In this kit you find 26 colors of mini BhedaWool and everything else you need, to make your own Dinosaur creations.

Perfect as a starting kit! Instructions are in Dutch and English

This gift is for those who crave a new art form but have trouble starting and for those who adore cute dinos!

3 Christmas Tree Angel

Hang this angel in your Christmas tree, make it for somebody else, or give as a gift to a person who you would know would enjoy it!

This gift is for those whose Christmas tree is the envy of all and for those who like to break up the monotony of glass balls with fiber arts!

4 William Winter

This winter themed doll kit is perfect as a gift for a doll making enthusiast. It requires some experience, but the step by step instructions will guide you through the process.

Instead you could make the doll and give it to someone who deserves some extra cuddly winterlove this coming season!

This gift is awesome for cuddlebugs and moderately advanced dollmakers!

5 Meervilt! Indigo 1-2-3 kit (Dutch language only)

This tip is only for Dutchies or people who are committed and good with google translate! Natural dyeing is hot and this kit is one of the quickest ways to get experience with this experimental part of the crafting realm.

Dyeing with indigo is an ancient art and serves as a good introduction to the topic of natural dyeing. The kit contains everything to do your first indigo dyeing project and helps you through the process with a step-by-step (Dutch) instruction manual.

This gift is perfect for mad professors and budding crafting science enthusiasts alike.

6 Warp&Weave weaving set

Weaving does not require a massive loom to create professional art pieces. Warp&Weave was designed to be a loom that can be taken apart. It is light in weight and is optimized to be used to weave with wool roving, plant fibers, other rovings or with traditional yarns. The versatility of the loom can only be expressed by the different projects that can be made!

Warp&Weave comes with the loom, the weaving sword/shuttle, a weaving needle and a weaving comb as well as enough warping thread to warp your first project.

This gift is perfect for someone who has it all and who is ready to branch out into a new blue ocean of possiblities.


7 100% Woolen Felt Supreme Set

The previous gift ideas all are for people who would like some inspiration with their materials. This one is for those who are all ideas but hungry for felt!

Do you know somebody who is crazy for felt, stitching or otherwise needs color in their life? In this package you will get all of our colors, 83 pieces of our 100% woolen felt, TrueFelt! 

This gift is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who like to have the ultimate range of colors to their disposal, while crafting!

8 Felting by numbers Dryfelting DYI kit

Easy and fun! In this needle felting kit you color with wool using MiniBhedas as crayons! 

Sometimes simple is better! The felting by numbers range teaches dry felting in a format that is know to us all: coloring books.

A felting by numbers kit contains a 100% cotton bag that has a pattern preprinted on it. The kit comes with MiniBheda wool that you use with your felting needle to “color in” the pattern on the bag.

The result? A self-made, unique and usable bag that has also taught you the principles of dry-felting!

Perfect for anyone who likes their crafting to end up in a usable object and for crafters of all experience levels!

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