2021 Autumn Creative Gift Guide – Best gifts for- and by creative people. Back to overview

The best gifts are made with love! And what is better than giving someone you care about the gift of creativity! Whether you want to make something for someone or you want to jumpstart a loved ones creativity, these 8 gifts will have got you covered!

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Coming autumn will offer countless opportunities for creative expression and new projects. All the Covid-postponed birthday- and wedding celebrations offer a plethora of moments to surprise and delight your favorite persons, with your presence and a thoughtful gift.

The gifts below are our handpicked products for this autumn. From brand new products to trusted best-sellers, this list will have something that appeals to creative people from all experience levels and walks of life!

Let us dive in, shall we!

1. Sea Life needle felting kit

As a company that is situated on the lovely island of Texel, we have a strong connection to the sea and so we hope the sea is enjoyed responsibly.

To celebrate all the aquatic animals, we developed a needle felting starter kit with sealife as theme. This kit was developed to build upon the huge success of our dinosaur needle felting starter kit and serves an audience that wants to get into needle felting and (for unknown reasons) does not love Dino’s ;-).

This kit contains everything you need to start needle felting; a pad, needles, instructions how to make the various sea life creatures, and enough wool to make them PLUS a lot of extra wool for your own creative sea creatures or corals.

2. Oogst Natural Dyes

Fiber artists and sustainable fashion enthusiasts have recently rediscovered the joy that is natural dyeing.

This ancient art is enjoyable and experimental; there are as many recipes as there are artists and the different dyes respond differently to the large variety of base materials to dye.

Oogst Natural Dyes is our collection of natural dyeing resources, from the natural dyes to the mordants.

This is the perfect gift for the experienced crafter or artist who wants to go into a new field and does not shy away from experimentation.

Browse all our Oogst natural dyes here

3. Felting by Numbers Veggy Bag

Wether you want to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables or you forage around in the forrest, this veggie bag ensures that you do so in style!

This sustainable cotton bag comes pre-printed with a pattern that you can fill in using needle felting technique. The kit includes everything you need to make this Veggy Bag, the instructions, the bag, wool, a felting pad and needles.

This gift is suitable for beginner needle felters, who want to learn how to needle felt onto existing fabrics.

It results in a usable, stylish bag.

To maximize sustainability, this bag is packed “into itself”, so no plastics or other wasted packaging!

Felting By Numbers
Felting By Numbers

4. Teething Doll Kit

This autumn, our doll-making brand De Witte Engel has got all babies covered with these new colours of teething dolls! Surprise your favourite baby and their parents with these beautiful teething dolls, made of safe Oekotex-100 certified De Witte Engel doll fabric, safe splinter free beechwood ring. Even the sewing yarn and 100 % woollen stuffing in the kit are Oekotex- 100 certified since babies deserve only the best! These dolls looks great, tooths great!

5. Knots&Nerds

Our Knots&Nerds Macramé rope is the perfect gift for any Macramé lover; it is made in the European Union from virgin cotton and is undyed, which means that you can use it for beautiful natural looking projects or alternatively dye it with our Oogst Natural Dye materials! Knots&Nerds comes in 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm thick so there is a size for all projects.

6. Bhedawool Terra Colours

Do you want to needlefelt with the most stylish autumn colours? This Mini-BhedaWool set has perfect earthy tones that can be used in any felting project you want, to give to your loved ones this autumn.

Combine it with one or two accent colours to create contrast and you will be ready to rock a fantastic gift!

See the tableaux below for inspiration on what to do with these amazing colours!

7. Wooly Blankets European Merino Wool Roving

Sometimes you need a little extra comfort on rainy days or dark mornings. Chunky XXL knitted blankets are fantastically cozy and comfortable. They are made from our European Merinowool Roving and can be made by a technique called Arm Knitting, which is easy and quickly learned.

We have over 55 colours of Wool Roving so there is for sure a colour that matches your interior style!

Below you can learn about chunky wool knitting and learn how to make a blanket:

XXL Knitting and Crochet

To knit a XXL Blanket