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DIY 2D Needle felting Koala Bag Back to overview

Have you ever tried needle felting before? 2D needle felting is a good first step to begin exploring the craft. Or if you have tried 3D felting already, this might be a nice alternative to try out. With 2D needle felting you can, for example, make the most gorgeous portrets and landscapes. For more inspiration check out #2dneedlefelting on Instagram! But first; check out our new 2D needle felting DIY!

With 2D felting you can make, fo example, a little portret or you be as creative as your mind takes you. With this DIY we took it a step futher and made 2D needle felting into something fun and functional, your own needle felted tote bag. Because your crafts deserve to be seen!

We made you a little tutorial so you can try 2D needle felting yourself. Just follow the instructions, or give it your own personal twist.

This cute koala is might be your first step to a new hobby! Click on download to view the picture.

Here’s what you need:

We made a list of MiniBheda’s you need for the koala, or you can pick your own favorite colors!

Once you get the hang of it, you can try your own designs and maybe also try on other items like a T-shirt or in an embroidery hoop. The possibilities are endless!

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