2D Needlefelting lion wallhanger Back to overview

Autum is around the corner and life is slowely turning indoors again. The perfect moment to start getting that cozy vibe going again and start crafting some indoor decorations.

This 2D Needlefelted wallhanger is made with our Bheda wool. These little bundles of carded fleece come in all colours you can imagine.

For this lion we made you a free pattern which you can download and print.

The easiest way to go is to tape it on a window and trace the lines onto your canvas. Which by the way can also be a bag, or a tshirt. Anything you like!

Make sure to lay your canvas on a punchingpad and use needlefelting needles to make to print come to life.

Once you get the hang of it you can start making different animals, or maybe landscapes!

What would your favorite wallhanger look like? Tag us on Instagram and let us know!