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Safe and Sustainable 100% woolen oekotex certified felt

We like to have a pieces of every season in our house. It brings inside and outside together and reminds us of the seasons’ change and the new and recurring opportunities this brings! In this inspiration post we show you how to make a leafy autumn wall hanger from our sustainable Oekotex-100 certified TrueFelt.

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In order to bring the autumn season in your house you can make a beautiful wall hanger and find a spot in your house dedicated to seasonality. You then could make one for the winter, spring and summer seasons too and rotate them throughout the year. Even cooler is to add to them every years so you keep both the cyclial nature and the progression through time in your decorative piece!

Needed to make the wall hanger:

To make the specific wallhanger in the picture we used:

TrueFelt pieces, one per colour

VLAP630, VLAP608, VLAP638, VLAP563, VLAP618, VLAP614, VLAP565, VLAP613, VLAP643, VLAP524

Feltbeads in the following colours:

WJ0203, WJ022, WJ0233, WJ2221, WJ3221, WJ3225, WJ0257

In addition you need scissors and needle and thread, some yarn to hang the leaves and maybe some pins to fasten your work.

Below you can download the patterns for this wall hanger! You could make it just like we did or you can make your own selection of colours and create your own autumn design!


As always we are super excited to see your designs so do not hesitate to share it with us through social media!

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