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It is summer! And although the weather has been all over the place, we still got a fair share of beachdays to enjoy. If you really want to shine at the beach this year, we have got the perfect DIY for you! Because a simple fringe can make a whole lot of difference on this DIY Beach Blanket!

Design Felt for your Beach Blanket

For this beach blanket you of course need some materials. We used our Designfelt because it is more firm and a bit thicker than Truefelt, and therefor more suitable for the beach. We used one meter of 3 mm thick Designfelt in the color 851 Light blue in the video below. So, first step, pick a color you love:

You also need:

How it’s done

In the video below you can see every step you need to take to create your own DIY Beach blanket. Just in case, we have also written it out for you, just to make sure you won’t miss a single step!

Step one: Cut the macramé ropes in the size you like your fringes to be. Remember you will double the rope and need to make a knot, so make sure your pieces are long enough (we used about 20cm).

Step two: Make a mark every 3 cm on the shor sides of the felt fabric, with the eraser pen (so you can erase again and won’t see any marks!).

Step three: Cut holes on the marks. About 1 cm wide.

Step four: Use a Larkshead knot (see video) to knot the rope in each hole.

Step five: Repeat at the other short side of the fabric.

And now it is time to relax and enjoy your day at the beach!

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