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The holiday that really celebrates the comming of spring is easter. And easter is one of those perfect craft holidays. Wether it is crafting an easter basket or make your own fluffy easter bunnies. There is something to craft for everyone!

And as always we love to get crafty. With our wide range of products it isn’t always easy to pick one to craft with. Luckily this year we had some amazing True Felt craft ideas ready for you!

We’ll share our favorite easter colours to craft with this season but as always, you can pick whatever colour you want! With over 80 different colours of felt this souldn’t be a problem! Also we have free printable patterns for three different easter bunnies, just download, print and start sewing! Easy does it.

Bunny hoodie

For this first easter bunny you’ll be needing felt and a wooden doll, a needle, thread and a siccor. This cutie might look spectaculair with his hoodie on but actually is pretty easy to make!

These little bunnies are perfect to play with for your little kids. Also they add all the easter that you need on our seasonal table! A win win situation.

With the download button you’ll get yourself a print, cut out and sew pattern which is so easy to follow, also for the not so crafty parents -> you got this!

Except felt, all you need is a Wooden finger cone to make these cuties.

Sleepy baby bunnies

These cuties are sleepy. These baby bunnies will also be so much fun to play with, baby bunnies need a lot of care and love! Also take a look at the video to see how they love to be wrapped in their bunny blanket.

Want to try to make these babies yourself? Here is the free pattern to do so!

Easter Flower bunnies spring decorations

Finally we have got these decorative DIY easter bunnies for you! We uses embroidery to make little spring flowers on their belly’s. This makes them the perfect spring home decorations!

For the embroidery we uses Venus thread which is available in all the felt colours so you can make your perfect combintation!

Most used materials

All these cute bunnies are made with our finest Truefelt. There are over 80 colours to choose from, which means your favorite colour is out there! Our Venus embroidey thread matches the felt. Do you want to make it matching, find the same colour to go with it. Or be bold and pick a complementairy colour and make it pop!

Enjoy your DIY!

We hope we have given you some fun easter bunnies craft inspiration. We’d love to know which one is your favorite design? Do you want more Easter craft inspiration? Check out last years easter post!

Also we would love to see your easter bunnies crafts! Please tag us on Instagram to be featured in our stories!

Have a lovely and crafty easter weekend!