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It’s the season to be crafty! No better season lends itself more for crafting than Christmas. The weather really invites you to go inside, grab those knitting needles, that macrame rope or in our case felt, embroidery thread and a needle. There is so much to be crafted, you hardly know where to begin! We love to inspire you with these cute, felted Christmas ornaments.

Here’s what you need for your Christmas ornaments!

To make these Christmas ornaments you’ll only need a few items; felt, embroidery thread and stuffing wool. Also keep a needle, sciccors, pen and paper close.

Of course you can pick whatever colours you like! This year we decided to go with warm and natural Christmas colours.

Need help? We’ve got templates!

You can go crazy, designing your own Christmas ornaments. Or you can let us help you with these templates we have made. You can easily click ‘download’ and print them. You’ll definetly steal the show with these beauties hanging in your Christmas tree!

Cut out the templates and trace on your felt. On the template you’ll see which layer needs to go next. Sew the ornaments shut and don’t forget to fill them with a little bit of stuffing wool, to give them that extra softness!

Happy crafting!

We wish you all a very happy and crafty Christmas. We love to see what Christmas ornaments you made! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook to be featured in our stories!