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by meaningful crafts

Just imagine; The warmth of the sun touching your skin, a soft breeze trough your hair. Your morning coffee feels warm in your hand as you close your eyes and let your body sink into the softest cushion made with the finest wool. Spring is here, Ibiza style!

This spring we are engaging ourselfs into the Ibiza style. Not only in our clothing and homes, but also our crafts get a touch of Ibiza. Think about implementing materials as well as Ibiza style colors like moss green, the softest of pink and bright ecru into the mix. Combine those with rotan, (macrame) rope and washed out wood and you get the perfect Ibiza vibe.

In this inspiration post we will show you how to weave your own Ibiza Style cushion using our Warp&Weave loom and Meervilt! European merino wool roving.

Lets get started:

To get started you can check out our How to assable your loom and Weaving Basics inspiration posts.

Once you’ve set up your loom, first choose whether you like to use a whole wool roving or to split it (because of splitting you get a thinner tread and a finer look). Start weaving on the top and at the bottom and push the wool down to its side as much as possible. This means you are weaving two equal sides at the same time on your loom.

Next up we’ve got some video’s to show you how to get the details just right in your Ibiza style Warp&Weave cushion.

How to weave the braided look in the middle:
Fringes Fringes Fringes!
How to embroider little leaves:

Final steps:

The next step is weaving the middle shut. And finally open the loom and take out the woven cushion case. Because of this you don’t have to tie off the entire case, you only have to tie two corners. We’ve already made fringes at two sides, now it’s time to add them to the other sides, the same way as before.

To make your woven craft into a complete cushion there are two options:

  1. You can sew a pillowcase yourself, in exactly the right size, using our Doll Jersey and stuff it with filling wool and sew the weave onto the pillow.
  2. Or you can buy a fitting pillowcase and sew the weave on.

Time to enjoy

Time to sit back and relax and of course enjoy your own, homemade Ibiza style cushions.

There are so many ways to make a Ibiza style cushion with our Warp&Weave loom. Now that you’ve got the basics it’s time to go crazy!

We love to see how your Ibiza style cushion turned out, so don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram @meaningful.crafts.