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by meaningful crafts

Macramé is, again, up and coming. And that makes sense. Macramé gives such beautiful results, is really fun to do and you can use it in so many ways. In the video below, made specially for us by Twirre from Handmade Heaven, we will get you on your way in the world of Macramé.

The history of Macramé brings us back to the 13th century. Most people think about the 70’s when they think about Macramé art, thats the decennium where the popularity of Macramé was at his highest. Even though Macramé was invented century’s before, probably in the 13th century, by Arabic weavers.
Twirre designed two Macramé lantern hangers excpecialy for us, and in this video she’ll explain step by step how you can make your own.

What do you need?
First of, you need to decide the size of your hanger. In the video you’ll see 2 sizes. For the big one use 8mm Knots&Nerds Macramé rope and for the smaller one use 6mm Knots&Nerds Macramé rope.
So which size rope you’ll need is depending on the size hanger you’d like to make. The knots on the other hand are exactly the same!
For both size hangers you alsno need a 85mm wooden ring.

We hope this video description got you going to create your own Macramé pieces.
We’d love to see your results, so don’t forget to share and tag us @meaningful.crafts on instagram or facebook or other social media!