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Making Felted Cacti Back to overview


by meaningful crafts

Feeling thorny? Thirsty? Wandering through an endless dessert of lonelyness? You’re not alone! Felt these happy cacti to feel better!

These happy cacti share your misery and spread a wooly wholesomeness!

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The happy felted cacti

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Puns aside; we advise you to make these beautiful fun cacti for yourself or your loved-ones in this time of forced isolation* in these times we all need some fun activities and a few laughs so be the thorn in the wool’s side with this easy project!

This project is easily done with children above age 8 or so, but make sure you supervise them and pay extra attention to them needling straight up and down, away from their hands!

Of course we love to see your creations so when you have felted these cacti make sure to share it to us on our Insta or Facebook and of course share this article with people who need a creative boost!

*this article is written during the Corona virus pandemic of 2020

Needed for making happy felted cacti


Choose your own colours from the MiniBheda collection, you could for instance make felted space cacti, add blossoms or flowers, birds or insects or wow us with your own creative brainchild!

How to felt

Video instructions

Watch here a video how to felt these happy cacti or see our illustrated guide below! If you like the instructional video, remember to subscribe to our youtube channel to always be the first to see our videos!

Illustrated Steps

Below you’ll find the steps to felt the cacti in easy steps. Do you have tips or questions about this please let us know, we are still (always) learning to make these instructions and we need your feedback to improve :D.

Use a Eco-Punchmat and a felting needle (for instance: O10402).


A felting needle is fragile because of the barbs on the needle.

Make sure you punch calmly and straight up and down. This will maximise the lifespan of your needle!

Roll off the ball of Mini-Bhedawool and tear of a piece. (When tearing off wool, take space between your hands, the close together you pull the stronger the wool is!)

Roll a piece of wool of 6 cm.

Punch the wool with the felting needle. Leave one side un-punched.

Tear the wool off of the mat and turn it around.

Repeat the steps above to make two small cacti-arms.

Use the needle to punch the arms to the rest of the cactus. Now use the needle to form the cacti in a nice shape.

Take a piece of the brown wool and wrap it around the bottom of the cactus. Needle punch the pot around the bottom of the cactus.