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All around the world midsummer night is a special holiday to celebrate the longest day of the year and the bountiful harvest that the summer will hopefully bring. It is a celebration of fertility and originates from pagan traditions but it has been incorporated in some christian countries as the birthday of Johannus the Baptist.  Whatever your reason for celebration, make your own wreath with the pattern at the end of the article.

At Meaningful Crafts this day is important because of two reasons; 

Changing of the Seasons

First of all we love the changing of seasons and believe that it is important to match our social gatherings and the way we celebrate to the seasons. This means cozy winter nights together, scavenging for autumn fruits, nuts and mushrooms, celebrating the spring’s first rays of sun and the burgeoning of the first flowers and gathering and picnicking with song and dance in the summer.

Finnish Connection

Second of all, Katri, one of Meaningful Crafts’ founders, is from Finland and midsummer is an important date in the Finnish culture. For the Fins midsummer is by no means a release from cold weather as is captured in the (true) joke that it often snows on Finnish Midsummer. The Fins love to make a huge fire (kokko), grill, and mingle. The normally somewhat socially distant Fins go all out (relatively that is) to find their future partner and it is rumored that if you sleep naked with flowers under your pillow during this night you will dream of your future partner. 

This year’s midsummer will have to be a bit further spaced apart than normal years, but we are still planning on dancing around a pole or fire and singing our songs. 

Flower Wreath Pattern

If you want to celebrate summer with us, or alternatively if you have a summer wedding or other celebration coming, make sure to check out our patterns for flower wreaths. 

Download it here:

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