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We went to nepal and saw for ourselves the beautiful handcrafting of our Bhedawool. Travel with us to the land of mountains, wool, lovable people and our sumptious BhedaWool

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The Home of Bhedawool

Even when being so incredibly busy this summer building this new webshop we made the decision to visit our BhedaWool, woollen balls and HandFelt producer in Nepal. And we did not regret our decision! We had such a pleasure to see how the products are made and discuss with the producer to solve some of the supply issues we have had in the past.

What really strikes me was that yes these products are really handmade. I must admit feeling a bit guilty of sometimes complaining that we had ordered 18 mm felt balls and got 20 mm instead. Now after seeing how these incredible skilled ladies make the balls by hand, and the balls being also inspected by an other person one by one I don’t think I will be complaining about a millimetre difference in the size anymore. Thus this trip was eye opening in many ways!

What is important for us is that our products are produced in a responsible manner. We already had known that the factory employs unprivileged women in the communities but it is always worthwhile to check the situation in person. Not every company has the means and resources to apply for certificates such as fair trade, and if they do have the certification this is of course reflected in the price. Our BhedaWool supplier does not have the certificate but what we saw and felt in the factory gave us the confidence that indeed this is a nice place to work for. We also interviewed some of the ladies and many of them had been on the company for 15 or 10 years! There was also smiles and laughter in the factory floor that is always a good sign.

As they say, picture tells more about 1000 words. Thus here photos of the making of our felt , enjoy!

Impressive wool carding machine!
Colored wool, that still needs to dry!

And here we go, the making of BhedaWool!

Incredible isn’t it? Check the colors here!