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Safe and Sustainable 100% woolen oekotex certified felt

Same as last year, we are more than happy to promote the Sew a Softie movement. So are you in to sewing? Do you want to teach your kids a new craft? Do you think Softies are just the cutest thing ever? Then you are ready to sew a Softie! Read more about the Sew a Softie movement below or, if you can’t wait to start, skip right to the bottom to find our own cute Sew a Softie pattern!


This year we created our own Sew a Softie pattern. Our ‘Keep Calm and cuddle your Koala’ Softie. Something we feel a lot of people need these days.

So print out this cute koala pattern and go Sew a Softie for someone you think could really need that hug right now!

What is Sew a Softie?

So often we hear adults and children say that they “are not creative”, and so often this fear keeps people from trying.

Here at Meaningful Crafts believe that it is important to give the joy of creativity through to the new generations.

Sew a Softie is a movement that aims at teaching children to sew, and use their creativity, through easy accessed patterns, events and young creative ambassadors.

To sign up as an ambassador you can participate the Sew a softie global kids sewing party here.



In 2015 Trixi Symonds realized she wanted to share her love for sewing and creating softies to people around the world. Initially it started out humbly as a one day event in which Trixi asked people to share their Softie designs as tutorials.

It was a massive success and people around the world, not just for one day but for the entire month, shared their softies as well as tutorials how to create them.
Children started to show their self created softies off to their friends and inspired them to create their own. These child ambassadors showed that softies are truly cool!

We as a creative compagny are all for stimulating new generations to use their imagination and creativity. We love to see what the young minds make with our beautiful products. Kids have such a untamed fantasy that they inspire us, grown ups, whith their amazing ideas and, at the same time we love to inspire them by offering all the products they can use to realize all those thoughs.


Don’t forget to tag @sewasoftie and @meaningful.crafts if you post your softie online!

For more information check out the Sew a Softie Instagram or website.