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Get ready to give your loved ones the perfect creative Christmas present! Wether you have a friend or family member who is crazy for creativity or if you want to make a hand-made gift for someone, we have got you covered with this Christmas 2021 Top 8 creative gifts guide!

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Gift someone this year creativity, the best gift possible! For many people it is new to create something themselves and evern the most experienced creative can discover new techniques and materials. In this post we list 8 of our favorite gifts this season.

Our giftguide is a collection of the highest quality products from their respective creative field and there are gifts for all levels of experience. All products in this list are developed and produced in the Netherlands and are sustainable and responsible.

Wait no longer and dive into our top 8 creative gifts for winter 2021 and discover or spread the gift of creativity.

Oogst – Dye your own sock wool yarn dye-kit

We are always nudging people to get “closer to the sheep” so to speak. With this we mean that we try to get people to experience techniques that they have not yet tried before in the long chain of production and creativity. In this case we want to teach people how amazing it is to dye their own yarn with natural materials.

These kits contain all the materials to dye the yarn, including the yarn itself and a step-by-step instruction manual in english. The kits are beginner-friendly and will guide you into the wonderful world of natural dyeing.

This gift is perfect for knitting or crochet enthusiasts who would love to dye their own yarn.

Soft and cuddly winter dolls.

Winter is the perfect season to huddle up on the couch with a nice soft plushy. The DIY kits below are the most huggable dolls this season!

Sealife needle felting starterset

Our most popular kit of 2021, this starterset needlefelting has sea creatures as its theme and is the ideal way of starting with the amazing artform of needle felting. This kit includes enough colours to fill a sea with your own sea creatures and takes you through the proces with a step-by-step manual.

Oogst – Natural Dyeing Samplekit

Have you always wanted to learn how to dye with natural materials? With this set you can experiment with 3 different natural dyes on a multitude of materials and fibers. This kit includes a manual and all the materials to start dyeing.

Natural dyeing is the upcoming hype for 2022 and onwards and you can now start exploring it.


Weaving does not require a massive loom to create professional art pieces. Warp&Weave was designed to be a loom that can be taken apart. It is light in weight and is optimized to be used to weave with wool roving, plant fibers, other rovings or with traditional yarns. The versatility of the loom can only be expressed by the different projects that can be made!

Warp&Weave comes with the loom, the weaving sword/shuttle, a weaving needle and a weaving comb as well as enough warping thread to warp your first project.

This gift is perfect for someone who has it all and who is ready to branch out into a new blue ocean of possiblities.

Macramé Lamp Pakket

Bring light to the dark nights with this Macramé Lamp. Macramé is very trendy and this self-made lamp is easy enough so that beginners can make it and proudly hang it in their houses! This simple-to-make kit, with a stunning lamp as end result, is a perfect gift for anybody wanting to make something useable and stylish. 

The kit includes clear instructions in Dutch and English. Check it out here!

This kit is for macramé enthusiasts and for those who need an awesome lamp in their lives.

100% Wolvilt Lapjes set

The previous gift ideas all are for people who would like some inspiration with their materials. This one is for those who are all ideas but hungry for felt!

Do you know somebody who is crazy for felt, stitching or otherwise needs color in their life? In this package you will get all of our colors, 83 pieces of our 100% woolen felt, TrueFelt! 

This gift is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who like to have the ultimate range of colors to their disposal, while crafting!

Kleursetjes Europese Merinowol

For the felting enthusiasts among us there is no better gift than MORE WOOL! If you do not know which colours to get then our colour set collection might be the perfect gift. This way you give a full range of colours to felt with!