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So you would like to make a doll. We have the materials for you! In this doll making guide we explain what you need and which choices there are.

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Waldorf Doll Making Guide for Beginners - 2 - Doll Making Materials

In general you will need the following:

  • a skeleton or some kind of filling to give your dolls body
  • a skin so soft and warm that it could be real
  • hair to give your doll its character
  • miscellaneous makeup and clothing products to set your doll apart!

We understand, this might seem like a lot and if so, we have kits that take all the work of material searching out of your hands. But if you are like many doll makers, you might want to make your own choices, to create your own doll.

Under Jersey and Jersey Tube:

When you are making a doll head, you need a base layer. This layer is either made out of under jersey or out of jersey tube. This base layer keeps the filling wool nice and evenly packed in the head.

To see more, go to our Under Jersey and Jersey Tube categories

Tools: Doll Needles

For doll making there are some specialist tools, besides the standards like scissors and rulers. The most important one is the doll needle. A doll needle is a very long needle that allows you to go through the dolls head, in order to work away threads that are used in the construction of the doll.

Another needle that you might need is an embroidery needle.

To see all shapes and sizes of needles, go to our doll needles category.

Doll Jersey –  For head and Body

Doll Jersey, the skin of the doll, is our most famous product. De Witte Engel Doll Jersey is used all over the world by doll makers. It has specific properties that make sure every pattern based on our dolls will yield exact and great results. To some extend Doll jersey is one of the most important one of the doll making materials, because it sets the “tone” of the doll. We have many colors of Doll Jersey so you can create a doll in almost every skin tone.

To see all skin tones go to our Doll Jersey category

Sturdy binding thread

To be able to make a dolls head, you need a sturdy thread that can stand the strong tension that you apply when you use it to shape the doll head. Our cotton binding thread is the thread of choice for most dollmakers, but some prefer the polyester binding thread.

To see all the threads we have for doll making go to our threads category

Stuffing and skeleton parts

A doll without stuffing or skeleton is just a piece of fabric. We usually advice filling woolroving for the dollmaking, but also wool carded fleece is a popular choice. If you are allergic to wool you can try to fill with cotton fibers, just know most techniques for making doll heads are based on using wool roving.

For more, check out the Body Materials category

Face and eyes

For the facial features we’ve got doll pencils, cheek rouge and embroidery thread. These allow you to give your dolls expression in whichever style you feel is appropriate.

In the traditional Waldorf dolls you base this on the age of the kid for which the doll is made. The older the child, the more detail.

This of course is all up to your own insight!

For more, see the Cheek rouge and pencils category


Ahhh doll hair, the finishing touch before you turn towards the clothing. Doll hair gives your doll its character. Where clothing can be changed, hair usually stays. We have different colors of doll hair in our Doll Hair Mohair Bouclé and we also have other types of doll hair such as woolcrèpe and Schoppel Lifestyle

For more see, our Doll Hair category

These are all the basic material needs to start making you very own doll.

If you liked our waldorf doll making guide for beginners, please share it with your fellow doll makers. If you have tips and tricks that we missed, please let us know!

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Stay tuned for part three: Philosophy of Waldorf Dolls

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