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by meaningful crafts

We have been using wool since the Stone Age, so you would think it would be an obvious choice for our homes. However, with all the materials out there wool can get overlooked. So today we are showing you how to implement your self made woolen furniture, like this woolen pouf, into your home.

Wool brings so much warmth into your home, therefor it’s used a lot for winter plaids and warm slippers. But there are more ways to enjoy the coziness of this beautiful material. Especially our voluminous woolen fabrics with their felted surface are a great way to add texture and visual warmth to a room.

Did you know

that wool helps eliminate unwanted sounds so that you can focus on desired ones. Also it helps maintain consistent humidity levels indoors.

If you are worried about woolen furniture, don’t be. Wool has a natural protective waxy coating to its fibres. Think of it as having it’s very own built-in stain protector. Wool doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria, unlike other materials, which can cause certain allergies. This makes wool a much healthier option.

This multicolored woolen pouf is a real eyecather in your livingroom with it’s warm colors and big XXL crochet stitch.

To help you make this woolen pouf yourself we created a work pattern for you. Just follow this step by step instruction and adjust, if necessery, to any desired size or shape.

What do you need?

For a pouf with a diameter of Ø55 cm and a height of 15 cm, we have used about 1,5 kilo’s Space and Rainbow wool. Of course this depends on the size of the pouf, and a 12 mm crochet hook. A readymade pouf you can find in a variety of (online) stores.

Before you start:

Read this instruction very well before your start. The pouf case is made out of one piece of yarn. You start with a circle, which is the top of the pouf, than add the sides without increasing, and you’ll end with the bottom. Always join with a slip stitch. Wool roving is pretty fragile so don’t pull to hard during the crochet but guide the yarn carefully. Did the yarn break? Don’t worry, click here to see how you can easily fix it!

How to get started:

Lets get to it!

In the video below we show you how to get started.

Crochet a chain with 4 loops and end join with a slip stitch and proceed as following:

1st row: crochet 6 singles in a chain.

2nd row: crochet 2 singles in every stitch, (12 sc.)

3th row *1 sc, 2 sc. in next .dc* repeat from * to * (18sc.)

4th row: *2 sc, 2 sc. in next .dc* repeat from * to * (24sc.)

5th: *3 sc, 2 sc. in next .dc* repeat from * to * (30sc.)

Starting the 6th row, repeat the 6 increases equally over the row so you’ll get a nice round circle. Continue this crochet until the circle is the same size as the top of the pouf. Now continue without increasing for the sides until you reached the proper height. From there we’ll start decreasing again for the bottom of the poof. First insert the pouf inside of the crochet. The next step is to equally decrease 6 loops every row. Repeat this until there are 6 stitches left and tie of the crochet.

We hope you will now have all the information you will need to create your own woolen pouf, so you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of wool in your interior. We’d love to see the results so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Facebook!