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1 March 2020General news

NEW! We are so happy to introduce Warp&Weave! This versatile weaving loom is designed and produced in the Netherlands from FSC certified wood, thus a product that fits perfectly the meaningful crafting lifestyle ❤️

With this weaving loom you can create beautiful weaving projects for example with our meervilt! wool roving.

The loom is lightweight and when not in use the loom can be taken apart and placed back into the into the beautiful box.

Warp&Weave is Meaningful Crafts’ weaving line designed as a collaborative project by Twirre van Kraaijenoord from Handmade Heaven and Emmelie Mae van der Blom from How is it hanging?

The Warp&Weave weaving set includes everything you need to start weaving and is available in two different sizes 36 x 46 cm and 46×56 cm. The set also includes clear instructions inside on how to set up the loom.

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