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Our Story

Ever felt your time was too limited to spend it on creating things that will be forgotten in the drawer until forever? Ever felt that your creativity deserved great quality materials? Tired of buying things that you could make yourself?


Meaningful Crafts is here for you! We spend our time getting the best materials and ideas to make sure your time is spent on great rewarding creative products.

The team behind Meaningful Crafts brings more than 30 years of experience from two different brands, Meervilt! and De Witte Engel to cater to your needs.

We sell to business, department stores, crafting stores, architects, healthcare institutions as well as directly to customers. We ship to forty countries across the world and aim to increase our reach to make sure everyone has access to great quality materials.

We believe creativity demands respect, should be worth the time spent on it and should be as sustainable as possible. We curate our collection accordingly.

Want to know what our commitments are? You can read them here in our Crafting Manifesto

Meaningful Crafts