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Our Team – A Small Group of Great People

Meaningful Crafts at its heart is a family business, started in 1990 and added upon throughout the years. We currently have 15fte of teammembers from varying age groups and walks of life! We supplement this core of  hardworking crafting enthusiasts with external designers, dollmakers, and content creators. 

Meilon & Katri @makersmarket Amsterdam

At the helm of Meaningful Crafts there is Katri & Meilon, a Dutch-Finnish couple that follows in the footsteps of Jeannet and Edzard, the founders of De Witte Engel and Luc and Maria, the founders of meervilt! Their complementary skills and personalities ensures that Meaningful Crafts recieves well rounded attention and care.

The team is flexible and multi-skilled, everyone of our employees can help others when needed. This creates a atmosphere of mutual growth and shared responsibility. 

The company is usually filled with laughter and especially our dayly coffee breaks are moments where people share and care.

We are sometimes looking for additions to our team, in which case we will post a vacancy on our site. 

If you feel like joining the extended family of Meaningful Crafts as a designer, intern or influencer you can always contact us at

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