Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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Natural Products

Naturally, we want to maximise the number of natural products in our ranges.

We believe that if you do something so intimate and personal as using your creativity, you need your resources to fit that intimacy.

We will use plastics only if we cannot find a better alternative and we will always be able to justify why we make such choices. 


We want to leave the world better than we found it. So, when we trade, we will avoid damaging the earth unnecessarily.

Therefore, we are always searching for more local alternatives!


To make sure there is no suffering attached to your project before you have even started, we will make sure that our products have been produced under good working conditions. We source as much as possible from within the European Union and we are vigilant about animal welfare.  

High Quality

Your creativity needs to find the most direct path into reality.

This is why we choose and strive towards only high-quality products.

Worthy of its price

Our products are not the cheapest. This is because of the price of adhering to our values.

This is not a problem; this is a commitment!

Inspired by Creative Rebels

Sorry, we will not follow the herd. If we make some weird jumps or if we dance around, it is because we have been inspired by the people around us who have something really cool to bring; these people are our “Creative Rebels”!

Base colours are never out of fashion

We are fashionable but do not follow fashion.

Our base assortment will have enough choice to allow you to make something in any fashion period.

Ancient Techniques unlimited possibilities.

Traditional techniques are fantastic, and we want to help pass them on to future generations.

Therefore, we continuously search for new applications and bring past and future together!

Worthy of your time

Time is a valuable resource, and if you have finally made time and space for a project, you want that project to be worth your time. We want that too! Our products will help you create something that can withstand time and is worth your time!

Can I do it myself? YES I CAN!

We love that feeling of being able to do something ourselves! When we can share this with you, and when you can share that with us, then we are happy!

In a world where a lot is being “made” for us, we value the worth of creating something with our own hands.

Connection to your project

Whether it is a shawl for your partner, a wall draping for your new house, a doll for your child, or a blanket for yourself,

homemade projects add that extra bit of “home”!

Authentic because you matter

Every project takes a little from its creator and gives back a lot. This is why we want our products to be used in meaningful, authentic projects!

Creatieve Pack

It is fun to be creative by yourself, but it can be even more fun together! We create together with same-minded, positive and warm people.

If you feel like that is something you would value, feel free to join our creative pack!

Creatively shape your own world

By creating, we invest ourselves within our environment. No place is as uniquely you as your own designed world!

It is not the destination that counts, and neither is it the journey; it is the creation of your own world that is meaningful!

Meaningful Crafts