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We stock a large range of natural fibres and fabrics that are ideal for dyeing. Dye with eco-friendly wools, silks, linen and cotton fabrics and fibres!
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  • Knots&Nerds Macramé Rope

    SKU: K&KBundle From: 0,-
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  • Natural (sock) Dyeing Yarn ‘Sujuva’- 75% Wool

    SKU: HZL1000 7,95
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  • Natural Dyeing Chunky Yarn ‘Mahtava’- 100% Wool

    SKU: HZL2000 9,95
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  • Natural Dyeing Yarn ‘Mukava’- 100% Wool

    SKU: HZL3000 7,95
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  • Raw Silk – String with Sericin / Silkglue

    SKU: mv2152.000New 4,61
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  • Bamboo Roving / Bamboo lont

    Bamboo roving top – Undyed

    SKU: MV250X.001 5,7739,14
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  • Soya Roving

    SKU: MV240X.XXX 3,4444,33
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  • Springy Design Filling Wool

    SKU: W2030x 2,029,61
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  • Undyed wool – Lincoln Wool

    SKU: LincolnGroup 1,71174,48
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  • Natural Wool Roving – Merino with Silk

    SKU: MV110X.210 0,93444,97
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  • Bhedawool – Cardfleece – ball of 25 gram – natural beige light

    SKU: WB0250 2,42
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  • Cheese Cloth

    SKU: MV4858.150 2,583,15
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Dyeing these dyeable materials with natural dyes Back to top

For those with an adventurous spirit, our Dye in the Wool and Silk materials are a great way to create your own unique look Use natural dyes to create your own custom colour, or use dyes made for silk such as Dupon silk dyes for vibrant colour options. 

All of these materials are perfect to dye with natural materials. There are many materials that can be dyed but these are selected to have a light enough natural colour to take the dyes perfectly. All these materials can be dyed with natural dyes and in the cases of animal fibres (wool and silk) also with Dupon silk dyes. Make sure to mordant your fibres and fabrics before dyeing.

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