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Needled fleece, also called needle felt or pre-felt, is an ideal basis for felting larger surfaces, for making decorations or for Upwolfing. It is also suitable for making garments. We have 5 types of pre-felt. These are an ideal basis for felting larger surfaces. It can be used for making decorations, for upwolfing, for making wall decorations, as a surface for felting and for making sturdy felt for bags and cushions. It is sometimes difficult to buy needle fleece online. To know which types of needle fleece are suitable for your project, we have summarized the properties of our different types here.
We offer:
  •  Meervilt! European needle fleece 27 micron, 140 gr per m2 (good price quality category needle fleece)
  • Fine needle fleece 19.5 micron, 120 gr per m2, 120 cm wide (nicely evenly needled)
  • Fleece2Felt, 300 gr per m2, 65 cm or 15 cm wide (firmly and regularly needled)
  • Merino needle fleece 22 micron, 150 gr per m2, 160 cm wide (thick and fluffy)
  • Special needle fleece: pre-painted with silk, extra fine, Melweb and Duoweb.
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