6 November 2020 Christmas Update and Gift Guide

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  • Mini-Starting Kit Needle Felting

    SKU: MV6102.000Out of stock 6,-
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  • Needle Felting Starter Kit – Dinosaur

    SKU: A81000New 16,94
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  • Wild van Vilt Needle Felting Starting Kit

    SKU: MV6101.011 13,95
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  • Make your own felt

    SKU: A53500 23,65
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  • TrueLove

    SKU: A74600 10,25
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  • Upwolving Starterset including Booklet

    SKU: MV3281.029Out of stock 19,90
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  • Upwolving Starterset without Booklet

    SKU: MV3281.020 12,50
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