Product information & Techniques

For some products there is just too much to tell within the limited amount of space allocated at the product pages. Therefor we have here an extended library of product information and tips and tricks.

In the sidemenu to the left you see three subheadings; Product information, Tips and Techniques and Buy-guides.

Product information contains links to pages that explain more about a certain product such as more information on how we source it or what certificates mean.

In Tips and Techniques we show you how to do things, be it maintenance on knitted work, felting techniques, doll making tips.

Finally in buy-guides we have bundled the pages that explain a product to a “beginner”. This means that if you are unsure what to buy, or just want some clarification these buy guides will help you figure out what to buy.

If you have questions that are not answered here or anywhere else on the site please let us know through the Contact Us form. We will usually answer your question within one workday unless it is a technical question.

And who knows, we might add the answer to your question here as well. This way your questions help others move forward!