Meervilt! European Merino Wool Roving- Animal Friendly and Ecologically Responsible

Merino sheep are known for their ability to produce excellent quality wool. Commonly it is thought that this sheep breed mostly comes from the Oceania, but actually it is a mistake to think that this sheep breed only thrives far away. Originally, the merino sheep comes from North Africa and Spain. Actually as a not so fun fact the export of Merinos from Spain was a crime punishable by death before the 18th century. However since then there is nothing to worry,  merinos are now being held throughout the world including  in other European countries other than Spain.

Sheep seen at our visit

The wool of European merino’s is less fine than that of merino’s from warmer areas, such as Australia. But otherwise this wool has the same excellent properties of what merino wool is known for, merino wool being soft and a great wool for multiple purposes.

Animal Friendly and Ecologically Responsible

The main benefit for us why we offer this wool is that with this wool we can guarantee it to be mulesing-free and since we do not need to transport the wool from far away it has a smaller ecological footprint. The fineness of 27 microns makes the wool suitable for most applications. In short, the European Merino is an attractive, animal-friendly and ecologically responsible wool!

The sheep that produce this beautiful wool are kept by small-scale family businesses that work according to the principles of organic production. However, these companies are not all bio-certified because of the high costs. Therefore we can not issue certification for the wool. Meervilt! team visited some of these sheep farmers in the spring of 2018. There we could see with our own eyes that they take good care of their animals.

The shorn wool is washed, dyed, carded and combed by an almost two centuries old company with a rich history. However, this company is completely of this time, with many modern machines and its own laboratory for quality control. Making environmentally friendly products is the starting point for them, thus they are a perfect partner for us!  We have also visited this company and that is why we are really confident that our European merino wool is produced in a responsible manner. Buy it here 

Vibrant Colours

This Meervilt! European Merino Wool 27 micron wool roving is available in 60 trendy colours including 10 trendy mixed colours. Would you want to see the whole color card? Please click here for the color card.

This wool is dyed poison free with high quality synthetic paints from Switzerland according to the standards of Oeko-Tex 100 and EU Ecolabel for textile products.