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Buy 100% woollen felt online

Buy 80+ colours of 100% woollen natural felt online!

Want to buy 100% woollen felt online? On this page we will explain the different types of felt we sell as well as when to use what type of felt. We also explain the differences between our wool felt and polyester felts that are on the market. Finally we will tell you how you can source our felts from our wholesale site if you are a reseller, designer or artist.

Three brands of 100% wool felt

Certifications and Compliance




What is woollen felt?

Wool felt or woollen felt is a fabric that is made by agitating wool fibers until they grasp into each other and form a firm layer of wool. This is often done machinal needling and / or pressing it under high temperature and humidity.

Qualities of wool felt

  • Wool felt is a fabric made out of 100% wool
  • Wool felt has excellent acoustic dampening qualities
  • Wool felt is naturally flame retardant
  • Felt is a non-woven fabric and thus doesn’t fray.

What distinguishes our wool felt from other felt types?

  • Wool felt is a natural product and biodegradable. Most other felts on the market are polyester based and thus not natural nor biodegradable.
  • Our wool felt is EN71 and REACH compliant and OEKOTEX-100 certified. Therefor it is save for use in toys or other products intended for children.
  • Polyester felts on the market are stretchy and see-through and have a rubbery feeling.
  • We have over 80 colours of felt!
  • Polyester felts are not flame retardant, wool felt is.

Our felt brands

  • TrueFelt – our coloured line of woollen felt
  • BioFelt – Undyed felt
  • PatchFelt – A felt line with a mottled colouring effect.

When to buy our wool felt online

  • You need sturdy, long lasting quality felt
  • You need fire retardation or acoustic qualities
  • You need a safe and natural material
  • You need a broad and stable range of colours
  • You need small amounts of many colours
  • OR if you need full rolls!


If you are a store, an architect, a design studio or another type of professional who needs a lot of our wool felt you can apply to access our Wholesale account. To do so register here.