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Buy De Witte Engel Doll Jersey Online

Buy De Witte Engel Doll Jersey Online

Want to buy safe and OEKOTEXT-100 certified Doll Jersey from De Witte Engel? Here we explain why you would want to make your doll from De Witte Engel Doll Jersey, how to combine Doll Jersey with under jersey and why our Doll Jersey is the responsible and safe choice for making dolls!

Buy Doll Jersey in Skin tones and Under-jersey.

Certifications and Compliance




What is De Witte Engel Doll Jersey?

De Witte Engel Doll Jersey is used by dollmakers around the world to make safe and sustainable, natural looking dolls. It is an OEKOTEX100 certified cotton double knit that has a perfect stretch for doll making patterns and ply perfectly around a woollen doll head. Originally developed to cater to the demand for a safe and sustainable fabric for making Steiner dolls / waldorf dolls it is now used by dollmakers of a broad veriaty of styles!

Qualities of De Witte Engel Doll Jersey

  • 10 beautiful skin tones to represent a wide range of possible dolls.
  • Perfect stretch for patterns that are based on De Witte Engel Jersey.
  • Safe and sustainable
  • Produced in Europe

Our Doll Jersey Types

  • Doll Jersey – This is the skin tones line of De Witte Engel.
  • Tube Jersey – One of the two foundational materials for making a base head.
  • Under Jersey – The second of the two foundational materials to make a base doll head.

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