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PatchFelt – Colored Felt a Twist

Simply put, PatchFelt is colored BioFelt. BioFelt represents the un-dyed and natural color range of TrueFelt. The word ”natural” means that the felt is manufactured directly from sheep to felt without dyeing. BioFelt becomes PatchFelt when it is colored using safe and non-toxic colorants after being felted. The technique of coloring after being pressed into felt gives PatchFelt its characteristic handicrafted look.


PatchFelt is Safe

It is 100 % pure wool from South-American sheep breeds. PatchFelt is manufactured in Europe and safely dyed according to the European legislation code EN71 and REACH guidelines. It, like its big sisters TrueFelt and BioFelt, also has the Ökotex certification.  Thus it is proved that PatchFelt is safe, free from harmful toxins as well as a sustainable product. PatchFelt is applicable to multiple crafting projects.

PatchFelt comes in a thickness of ca. 1 mm. It is available in 6 distinct colors.  Customers can purchase PatchFelt in pieces of 20 cm x 30 cm, strips of 20 cm x 183 cm or by meter, X cm x 183 cm.


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