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Knitting a XXL blanket

Big Wool Blanket / Big Wool Deken

This blanket is knitted with Wool Roving and has a size of 1,2 meters long and 1,2 meters wide.

The size can vary when you use other needles. You can also knit with your arms with these rovings. Do you wish to make your blanket longer, then simply adjust the numbers of stitches. Do so in a multiple of two.


• Knitting Needles or Circular Needles 35-50 mm. 
• 3 kilos Wool Roving
• Darning Needle

For the blanket in the picture we used: Natural Wool Roving – New Zealand Merino 401. But you can of course use other kinds and colours.

Used stitches

• Knit
• Purl


• To start, cast 20 stitches. 
• Tour 1: Knit all in knit stitch. 
• Tour 2: Knit all in Purl.

Repeat tour 1 and 2 alternatley, and fasten off on the 19th tour.


Get rid of the loose ends (easiest way is to do this by hand), so the blanket gets a nice and clean finish.

This blanket is designed- and description/pictures are make by Lisanne Multem of draad en praat…