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Bhedawool – 25 gram – Colour set of Five Colours – Red Colours


Red Colours Big Bhedawool

Reds are deep and warm and you can never have too many, this set gives you 5 red tones to start out!  The colour set contains one ball of 25 grams of each of the five red colours!

De Witte Engel BhedaWool is a sumptuous felting wool mix. It is ideal for both dry and wet felting. The BhedaWool colour range is made to closely match the other De Witte Engel woollen products such as woollen threads and felted beads as well as De Witte Engel products HandFelt and WonderWool, which felt together with BhedaWool very well. Bhedawool balls are 25 grams and in this colour set 5 balls of 25 are included.

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BhedaWool colour set red tones

BhedaWool combines all the good characteristics of several types of wool from different New Zealand sheep breeds such as Rylend, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney and Jacob.

Allround Feltingwool

The average thickness of fiber in BhedaWool is ± 25 microns meaning that our BhedaWool is fine in texture.

Save and Fair

Colouring the BhedaWool is done by hand using save Swiss colours.  BhedaWool comes in various 34 beautiful and rich colours. BhedaWool tops are sold separately as well as in assortments of five different beautiful colour combinations and in whimsical mini assortments of 6 colours. All assortments have been put together with careful consideration to the colours and their compatibility with each other.

BhedaWool is produced by an company empowering underprivileged women.

Batch Differences

The more traditional approach to manufacturing the BhedaWool can cause slight differences in colour between different BhedaWool batches. Therefore, in cases of larger crafting projects, we advise our customers to be sure to buy enough of BhedaWool with one order to minimise variation between colours.


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