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Warp&Weave – Weave Set/Loom – 36×46 cm


Portable lightweight loom and accessories for starting weavers and advanced users alike!

Have you always wanted to start weaving but found conventional looms are too big?

This Warp&Weave weaving set offers all the tools you need to start weaving with yarn, Big Wool, fabrics or even leafs!

When you have finished your project you can take it out of the loom and hang it separately or alternatively you can keep it in the loom and show it off as it forms a perfect natural frame for your project!

When not in use the loom can be taken apart into a very small package.

Suitable for age 10+

Set includes:

  • Loom sides
    • 2x 36 cm
    • 2 x 46 cm
  • Screws
  • Warping thread
  • Sand paper
  • Wooden Weaving Needle
  • Wooden Weaving Comb
  • Wooden Shuttle

Warp&Weave is a design by Twirre van Kraaijenoord from Handmade Heaven and Emmelie Mae van der Blom from How is it hanging?

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Weaving is an ancient technique that consists of interweaving a thread (warp) with another thread (weave). Weaving is one of the primary ways of making fabrics together with knitting and felting. Weaving gives a fine grained control over patterns in the fabric and can be used to make sturdy fabrics.


Warp&Weave is Meaningful Crafts’ weaving line designed as a collaborative project by Twirre van Kraaijenoord from Handmade Heaven and Emmelie Mae van der Blom from How is it hanging?

The loom is a perfect fit with our Big Wool line of wool roving which can be used to make beautiful and quick projects that look sumptuous.

How-To start Weaving

To learn how to start weaving on the Warp&Weave loom see our instructional videos here



Brand Warp&Weave
Composition Wood
Certification and Standards FSC
Origin Netherlands

Birchwood Multiplex

Usable for



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