Buy carded fleece online

Buy 150+ colours of carded fleece online!

Want to buy carded fleece or felting wool online? Here you will find the five types we offer, an explanation of when to buy it and what distinguishes it as a felting wool from other wool types!

Five types of felting wool

See further below to buy two more types!

What is it?

When buying a type of wool it is useful to understand what it is and how it differs from other wool types.

Carded fleece, also known as felting wool, is the premier wool type for dry felting techniques and is also used in wet felting. Undyed versions of it also are often used as a filling material. It can also be used as a base to decorate with dyed carded fleece.

Finally it can be spun into thread or yarn!

A carded fleece is a package of wool that has been washed, sometimes has been coloured and has been carded but not yet combed into a wool roving. It is voluminous, nicely mixed and retains a lot of the woolly proporties of the sheep.

We sell five types of felting wool:

  1. BhedaWool
  2. Tiroler Mountainsheep
  3. European Merinowool
  4. Undyed
  5. Mixed

Benefits of carded fleece from Meaningful Crafts

  • Pre-mixed; you can directly start to felt with carded fleece!
  • Available in different weights/amounts
  • 150+ colours

What is the difference between felting wool and other wool types?

  • Compared to wool roving it is UNCOMBED
  • Compared to Needled Fleece it is not needled into an even “fabric” yet.
  • Compared to a Wool pelt it is washed and carded.

When to use?

Carded fleece is perfect for:

  • Dry-felting 3d objects such as animals, figurines or for example our Happy cacti
  • Used in wet felted murals
  • Used in cross technique projects for instance dry felted upon an already existing wet felted project.
  • Used as backdrop for “Vachtvilten” – in this technique a sheep’s fleece is felted on one side to a carded fleece or a needled fleece. This preserves the shape of the sheep fleece and gives the impression of having a Sheep skin rug, without having to harm the animal.