Reseller Registration

In order to register for a wholesale account please go to wholesale registration page.

Questions about the terms and conditions or other inquiries can be sent through our contact us form. We are always happy to discuss your situation and figure out if there is a way we can be of service to you!

In some cases we will refer you to one of our partners for service.

Proof of Commercial Activity

To apply to us for a wholesale account you need to show proof of being a business. This can be done in various ways.

For Dutch applicants we ask K.v.K. number and BTW number.

For international clients we ask you to sent your applicable V.A.T. number.

If your country does not have a V.A.T. registration number or something similar we will ask you to sent company details like website and or physical store address for us to see if you are a business.

Institutions, artists, instructors

In some cases we can offer you a discount based on your work even if you do not have a registered business. This means you can order as a consumer but get a discount because of our desire to stimulate certain activities.

This includes but is not limited to, students of fashion schools, Steiner/Waldorf schools, medical care institutions, some fibre artists, specific influencers and bloggers and in some cases workshop instructors! Do not hesitate to ask!

If you are an institution, a school or a trainee register here