Louët – Wolkam

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The wool combs are 6.5 cm wide and available in two versions per pair; standard with a single row and on request also with a double row of pins. The double row of pins is especially suitable for very fine wool types. The wool combs are made of lacquered ash wood.

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Carding and combing are pre-treatments in which the hairs or fibers come to lie in the same direction. This makes it easier to felt or spin the material. When combing, the hair is stretched more than when carding. This difference determines the character of a spun thread: worsted or ironed yarn.

Louët hand cards are made of a very light and strong type of wood, from which, for example, piano keys are also made. The card fittings that Louët uses are made of galvanized steel wire. The high quality guarantees a long service life.


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