Picnic Rug Making - Felt Beach Blanket Making

DIY Beach Rug/Picnic Rug Making with Fringes: Shine on the Beach this Summer!

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It's summer! And although the weather has been all over the place this summer, we still have quite a few beach days to enjoy. Want to really shine on the beach this summer? With our simple DIY Beach Blanket with fringes, you'll make a big difference!

Why Design Felt for Your Beach Rug?

For this beach blanket, you will of course need some materials. We used our Designfelt because it is sturdier and thicker than Truefelt, which makes it perfect for use on the beach. In the video below, we use one metre of 3mm thick Designfelt felt in the colour 851 Light Blue. So, first step: choose a colour you fall in love with!

What you Need:

How to Make a Beach Rug:

In the following video, we show you step by step how to make your own DIY picnic rug. We've also written everything out so you don't miss a step!

Step one: Cut the macramé ropes to the desired length for your fringes. Remember that you will need to double the rope and tie a knot, so make sure the pieces are long enough (we used about 20 cm).

Step two: Make a mark every 3 cm on the short sides of the felt fabric with the erasable pen. This way you can erase the markings later and your felt will stay neat.

Step three: Cut holes at the markings, about 1 cm wide.

Step four: Use a Larkshead-knot to tie the rope in each hole.

Step five: Repeat on the other short side of the fabric.

Now it's time to enjoy your lovely beach day with your homemade beach blanket!

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