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Wholesale FAQ : 100 % woollen Felt

We wholesale felt brands TrueFelt, BioFelt, PatchFelt and Design Felt. We have curated our selection with the Meaningful Crafts philosophy in mind. The felt fabric that we have are great quality and responsible produced In Europe.
To help our wholesale clients here some of the FAQ asked questions

Differences of our 100 % wool wholesale felts

TrueFelt is evenly, smoothly pressed and sturdy 100% woolen felt with brilliant even colours. BioFelt is essentially made the same way as TrueFelt, however BioFelt is completely undyed. The colors you see are mixes of wool directly from the sheep. PatchFelt is made of undyed felt, BioFelt. With applying color on the undyed felt, PatchFelt gets it handicraft and more artisanal look.

Can I order custom size felt pieces

We cut TrueFelt, BioFelt and PatchFelt with our felt cutting machine. If you need large amount of pieces in standard sizes please take contact with us and we are happy to discuss the possibilities.

The wool felt roll sizes

All of our 100 % woollen felts are 180 cm wide and the roll size is between 20-25 meters

Wool felt quality control

We control the weight, quality and color when we receive new shipments of Felt. Our 100 % woollen felt is very consistent with its quality. However it is also a natural product thus for example when buying multiple rolls, if you want the colors to match 100 %, please contact us and we ensure you get felt rolls from the same color bath.

Why buy 100% woollen felt

100 % woollen felt is sustainable, safe and sturdy choice. The feel and look of 100 % woollen felt is unrivalled to any polyester felts. Clients appreciate the softness and sturdy quality. 100 % woollen felt is perfect for crafting, upholstery, wall material due to the acoustics and non-flammability, and for making toys for children since the natural and safe attributes.

Is the wool felt certified?

Yes TrueFelt, PatchFelt and BioFelt are Oekotex-100 certified in addition to being REACH certified. Contact us at for acquiring the certification.

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