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Our wooden doll bases and begs are perfect to use as a base material for your doll making crafts. The wooden doll bases are produced in Europe from PEFC and FSC certificated wood. These wooden dolls are made of light coloured wood and they are not lacked, thus it is easy to paint your own designs on the wood or attach fabrics on the doll base such as soft woollen felt inspired by the Waldorf dolls.


  • Wooden Finger Puppet 7cm high, Ø 25mm

    SKU: D10500 1,69
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  • Wooden Peg Doll Cone 9 cm, Ø 24 mm

    SKU: D10621 2,09
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  • Sale!

    Wooden Peg Doll Cone circa 8.55 cm, Ø 24 mm

    SKU: D99999 1,04
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  • Wooden Peg Doll with Armhole, 5 cm, Ø 19 mm

    SKU: D10913 0,92
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  • Wooden Doll with Armhole, 6 cm, Ø 21 mm

    SKU: D10923 1,12
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  • Wooden Peg Doll, size 3,6 cm, Ø 15 mm

    SKU: D10903 0,39
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  • Wooden Peg Dwarf Cone with Armhole 7 cm, Ø 2 cm

    SKU: D10701 2,18
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