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    Oogst Extract – Garnet Brown

    SKU: MV5448.201New
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  • Oogst Pigment – Burnt Sienna – 105 ml

    SKU: MV5445.122New 5,15
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  • Oogst Pigment – Burnt Umbre – 105 ml

    SKU: MV5445.162New 5,20
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  • Oogst Pigment – English Red / Vienna Red – 105 ml

    SKU: MV5445.182New 5,-
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  • Oogst Pigment – Raw Sienna – 105 ml

    SKU: MV5445.102New 5,30
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  • Oogst Pigment – Raw Umbre 105 ml

    SKU: MV5445.142New 5,05
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  • Oogst – Dye your own ‘Sock’ Yarn DIY kit – Madder

    SKU: A81200 29,35
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  • Oogst – Dye your own ‘Sock’ Yarn DIY kit – Chamomile

    SKU: A81210 29,35
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  • Guar Gum

    SKU: mv5443.56X 3,82
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  • Gum Arabic

    SKU: MV5443.70X 3,38
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  • Oogst – Dye your own ‘Sock’ Yarn DIY kit – Walnut Husks

    SKU: A81205 29,35
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  • Oogst Natural Dyeing – Beginners Sampler Kit

    SKU: A81100 36,70
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The hype of natural dyeing of wool, silk and other fabrics is back! That is why we created Oogst, thé brand for Natural Dyeing, mordanting and excipients.

Natural Dyeing is a way for us to express ourselves with natural colors on natural materials. It gives a sense of slowing down and a magical feeling, while embracing the science of experimentation.

Curious about how we created Oogst Natural Dyeing? Read all about it here.

Are you ready to buy natural dyes and mordants, then below you find everything you need!

Missing something? Please let us know, we will try to find it! 🙂