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Big Wool – Extra thick XXL knitting and crochetting with Wool Roving

For extra thick handmade knit- and crochet projects like plaids, sjawls, poufs, pillows and bags, we have multiple kinds of suitable wool rovings. We have collected them on this page: Big Wool.

Pattern for XXL blanket

Lisanne Multem of “draad en praat…” tells you how to make a blanket with wool roving. Read all about it…

Loads of XXL examples

A lot of examples and inspirations you can find on our Pinterest-board about XXL Big Wool Knitting.

Tips for XXL knitting and crochetting

Wool roving is a kind of wool that is not spinned and twined. The hairs are combed all in one direction into a roving. Due to this it is very soft and volumious, but also a bit brittle so you can easily pull it apart. For the natural use of wool roving, where you take little pieces to make a nice layer for felting, this is very handy.

But you can also knit and crochet with wool roving. When it is knitted into a pattern, it is really strong! You will have to keep in mind that the roving is brittle while working with it to make your project, though. Do not pull to hard or the roving will break. This occurs mostly when you are a little bit further along. Because of the weight of your project, it can break.

Do not dispair. you can easily mend this. Just fan out both ends a bit, lay them on top of each other and roll them together between your hands. Then carefully work through. The roving will get its sturdiness back when you stitch along and the “repair” will not be noticeable.

Once in a while there can be some weak spots in the roving. Wool is a natural product, that cannot always be commed 100% the same. While combing, there can occur sight variation in thickness. This is not an production fault, just how the material works. But, as we said, a break can easily be fixed.

Can I wash my XXL knitting project?

Washing of wool roving products is not something we recommend. The wool can lose its fluffyness and softness. It can also pill and fluff in a bad way.

Wool has a natural high selfcleaning ability, because of the Lanolin (wool fat) within. Due to this, it is dirt-resistant. All you have to do to keep it “fresh” is to lay your knitting project outside to breath. The best is on a cold, freezing morning :).

If you really do prefer to wash, do it one of these ways. You can bring your project to a dry cleaning business, to clean it chemically. You can also wash it by hand, with a laundry detergent like Eucalan. Immerse the wool fully in cold to lukewarm water. Press gently until the wool is wet through and through. Pay attention to not move the wool to much, otherwise it will felt! Also keep away from sudden temperature changes, this can lead to felting as well.

We strongly advice against washing in a machine. You do not have any control over it then. But if you do wash it that way, use a setting for delicate fabrics and wool. Don’t forget the right detergent again.

When your project is washed, let it dry flat and by air. When you hang it, it will lose its shape and a dryer will make it felt. Only softly press the water out, do not wring! You can, for example, let it dry on a towel on a horizontal drying rack or outside on the lawn in the sun.

Pill and fluff

Wool roving is just carded and combed, it is not sinned or twined. It càn pill or fluff (the bad kind) or lose hairs. You can limit this by knitting tighter. Not tò tight, of course, the fluffiness of your project will get lost then.

For objects that are being used intensively, we do not recommend wool roving. This beautiful material is more suited for decorative objects. It looks very nice on Instagram and Pinterest, but wool roving needs to be handled carefully to keep it that way.

Working with wool roving

Je can use the whole roving ór you can split it in multiple ones. Depends on how thick you would like your project to be.

When you use the wool as is, you will get a nice and soft object. The wool can always pill and fluff a bit, though. But you can limit this by felting the wool a little bit before starting or after finishing.

Before you can felt it by using a rolling mat, water and soap. You will make a sturdy cord this way. If you like to felt the project after you have finished (it will stay more fluffy this way then when you do it before), we recommend to do it by hand. You can also try the washing machine or dryer, but there is less controle over that. By using your hands, you will have the best controle over the result.


You can knit or crochet the wool with extra thick needles. You can even use a broomstick or a PVC drain pipe. But you can also use your hands, without any tools. Just knit on your own arms! Watch our toturial video below:

How much do I need?

That depends on the way of working you will use. How thicker the tool, the more wool you use. When you work tightly, you will need less than when you work loosely. Do you split the roving or do you use the whole one? In short, there are many variables. You can use this guideline:
Plaid 120 x 150 cm: ca. 3 kilos.
Pillow 50 x 50 cm (two sides): ca.1 kilos.
Sjawl 20 x 120 cm: ca. 500 grams.

For a calculation, also see the pattern on this page.

Putting two rovings together

We try to deliver the rovings, ordered in multiple kilos, in one piece as much as possible. But our stock cán run out, so we cannot guarantee it will always be so. You can easily put two rovings together, though. Just fan out both ends a bit, lay them on top of each other and roll them together between your hands. You wont even notice it in your project after you are done.


Wool roving is a material that is used a lot in making supersoft fluffy little blankets (bump blankets) and for braiding projects in new born photograpy.

Thick Knit- and Crochet Needles

Especially for the thicker way of making projects, we have a selection of Needles in our stock.

Feltable knitting yarn

Besides wool roving, we have a Feltable knitting yarn, in lots of colours, of a “normale” thickness. This yarn is very suitable for the making of, for example, bags and woolen slippers.

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