Buy Wool Roving Online

Buy 300+ shades of wool roving online!

Want to buy wool roving or chunky wool online? Here you will find our three types of wool roving, an explanation of when to buy wool roving and what distinguished wool roving from other wool types!

Three types of wool roving

What is wool roving?

When buying wool roving online it is good to understand what it is and how to decide what you need exactly. In contrast to local buying online you do not get to touch and judge the wool so informing yourself is super important!

Wool roving is wool that is first shorn off of the sheep, then washed and carded and finally combed into a equal roving in which all the hairs are in the same direction. It looks like a big stream of wool that you can use for spinning, felting or even directly be knitted or crocheted into a project!

We sell three different categories of wool roving

Benefits of buying wool roving online from Meaningful Crafts

  • Available in small amounts or for sale in wholesale format bumpses (bulk)
  • Many different microns and sheep races
  • 300+ shades/colours.

What is the difference between chunky wool and other types of wool?

  • Compared to carded fleece it is not just carded but also COMBED.
  • Compared to uncarded wool it is carded and combed so it is much more even and in a “yarn” like structure.
  • Compared to a needled fleece it is not needled into a fabric
  • Compared to “wool yarn” it is not spun or twisted.

When to use?

  • Use wool roving directly to crochet a rug, a dog or cat basket or any other big crocheting project.
  • Spin wool roving into a thread
  • Tear small pieces of wool roving off to use for wet or dry felting projects.
  • Jump into it and wrap it around you, oh wait, that might just be us 😉