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Heart Doll


An easy-to-make, soft doll out of flannel and 100 % pure and natural sheep wool. This doll is very popular as a maternity or baby shower gift. A newborn can smell his/her mother before being able to see her. The mother wears the doll on her skin at night and then gives this doll to the baby. The doll will help the baby relax and experience the soothing closeness of the mother because the pure wool inside the doll catches the mothers scent. This kit contains only premium quality materials, including: 100 % Washed WoolSoft Flannel material.

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Provided with step by step Dutch, German and English instructions. Still needed: sewing thread. Very easy to make.


Brand De Witte Engel
Certification and Standards
Origin China
Approperiate for age

1 week

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