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Safe and Sustainable 100% woolen oekotex certified felt

Did you find the perfect new years outfit but you feel like there is just something missing? There is glitter, there is glamour but it’s just not quite there jet. Or you are keeping it simple and wearing your favorite sweater but just feel you need to add something special for the season? Keep reading because we have a got a simple DIY to add that little extra to any outfit!

Yes it’s bowties! A bowtie can really update an outfit into a festive look! With this festive DIY bowtie made with our truefelt you will definetly steal the show. ‘How do I wear it?’ we hear you think… Well you can add a bowtie onto almost anything, for example; On your collar, glue them on a bobbie pin and put them in your hair, with a pin you can put them on you dress or shirt. There are so many ways to add a bowtie to your look! And you will instantly look festive for new years (or any party for that matter!)

Here’s what you do

Download and print the pattern. You can use a leftover piece of felt (or other fabric) to make this festive DIY bowtie, you don’t need that much!

Step 1

Cut out all the pieces of the printed pattern.

Use pins to stick them on the felt.

You can start cutting right away or first use a eraser pen to draw the lines on the felt. Then take the paper off and start cutting the felt.

Step two

Cut the felt (or whatever fabric you are using) on the lines.

If you pinned the paper on the felt, take it off now. If you used the eraser pen, erase the lines.

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together!

Step tree

Fold the long piece with the two ends towards the middle and place them on the piece with the pointy ends.

You can either use glue or a needle and tread.

With glue, make sure you use textile glue and only an tiny bit (you don’t wat to see glue on your bowtie!

If you use a needle and thread, you can again pin everything together so they stay on the same place.

Step four

Tie the smallest piece of felt around the middle of the bowtie and glue or sew it together on the backside of the bowtie.

At this point also think about what you want to do with your bowtie. You can now add a pin, or a clip, a bobbie pin or whatever on the backside. This will make it easier to attach to your clothes or in your hair!

You are all done! It is time to steal the show, have a wonderful new years eve with your festive DIY bowtie!

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