Undyed Wick - Overview

Undyed fur wool from Meaningful Crafts

Image of Undyed Lontwool (Substitute for an image of wool)

Soft undyed fur wool - Perfect for all-round use such as wet felting, needle felting, spinning, weaving and XXL knitting.

Key features:

  • Natural Shades: Sourced from different sheep breeds, available in natural white, grey and brown shades.
  • Untreated Wool: After shearing, the wool is washed and carded but remains untreated, preserving its natural properties.
  • Micron Count: The lower the micron number, the finer the wool. Wool with a fineness of less than 25 microns is suitable for direct skin contact. Thicker wool can feel itchy and is less suitable for certain garments.
  • Length of Wick: Wool is usually sold by weight. Estimated lengths are:
    • 50 grams ≈ 2 metres
    • 250 grams ≈ 10 metres
    • 1 kilo ≈ 40 metres

Product variants:

  • 001 Extra Fine Merino Lontwool: A fine merino with a beautiful white shade. Ideal for fine wet felting and spinning.
  • 339 Scotch Blend: A robust, vibrant light grey-brown wool from a variety of sheep breeds from the UK. Perfect for robust felting or knitting.
  • 210 Merino with Tussah Silk Blend: A soft blend of fine merino and tussah silk for a beautiful subtle sheen. Suitable for felting, spinning and dyeing.
  • 463 Greige: Blended wool in the warm, trendy shade of greige (grey/beige). Excellent felting properties and very suitable for XXL knitting.
  • 401 Medium-fine Merino Lambswool: Soft with lots of volume. Lovely all-round wool for wet-felting, spinning and XXL knitting.
  • 420 Medium-fine Merino Wool: European wool with lots of "resilience" and volume. It is somewhat rougher and therefore suitable for heavy felting and XXL knitting of plaids/cloths.
  • 483 Grey: This very soft, voluminous merino blend of wool-white with black has a very unique, subtle character.
  • 484 Beige: The beige sister of the grey 483 is a mix of wool white and brown. Great for clothing and loved by spinners.
  • 601 Superfine Merino Lambswool: The finest merino in our range. Very soft and supple. A wonderful wool for the finest felting work and ideal for spinning.
  • 493 Gotland: Heavy, shiny wool from the Gotland pels sheep. Less suitable for knitting as you pull the wick apart faster.


Wool is a natural product and every flock, sheep and shearing season is unique. Make sure you order enough wool for your project at once, as we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same wool on your next order.