Easter bunnies DIY

The holiday that truly celebrates the arrival of spring is Easter. And Easter is one of those perfect crafting holidays. Whether it's crafting an Easter basket or making your own fluffy Easter bunnies. There is something for everyone to tinker with!

And as always, we love to inspire. With our wide range of products it is not always easy to choose one to tinker with. Luckily, we've got some great True Felt craft ideas for you this year!

We're sharing our favorite Easter materials and colors to craft with this season, but as always, you can pick any color you like! With more than 80 different colors of felt, this is no problem! We also have free printable patterns for three different Easter bunnies, download, print and start stitching!

bunny hoodie

For these first Easter bunnies you need felt and a wooden doll, a needle, thread and scissors. This cutie might look spectacular with his hoodie on, but it's actually pretty easy to make!

The little bunnies are perfect to play with for your little kids. They also add all the Easter you need to our seasonal table! A win win situation.

With the download button you get a print, cut and sew pattern that is so easy to follow, even for the less handy parents -> you can do this!

Besides felt, all you need is this cute one finger puppets!

Sleeping baby bunnies

These cuties are sleepy. These baby bunnies will also be so much fun to play with, baby bunnies need a lot of care and love! Also check out the video on instagram to see how they love being wrapped in their bunny blanket.

Want to try making these babies yourself? Here's the free pattern to do this!

Easter flowers bunnies DIY decoration

Finally we have these decorative DIY Easter bunnies for you! We use embroidery to make little spring flowers on their stomachs. This makes them the perfect home decoration for spring!

For embroidery we use Venus thread which is available in all felt colors so you can create your perfect combination!

Most-used materials

All of these adorable bunnies are made with our finest Truefelt. There are over 80 colors to choose from, which means your favorite color is here! Our Venus embroidery floss matches the felt. If you want to make it matching, look for the same color. Or be bold and pick a complementary color and make it pop!

Enjoy your DIY!

We hope we've given you some fun Easter bunny craft inspiration. We would like to know which design is your favorite?! Want even more Easter inspiration? Check out the post last year also agree!

We would also love to see your Easter bunnies crafts! Tag us on Instagram to appear in our stories!

Have a nice and creative Easter weekend!

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