Aries Moth Box


Adhesive strip with attractant against moths. Non-toxic, odorless and refillable. In practical Mottlock? (hanging) box.

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Aries Moth Box

The attractant (pheromones) gives off a scent that attracts male moths. The moths get stuck on the adhesive strip and die. This way they can no longer fertilize female moths and the number of moths decreases naturally. The number of moths caught provides insight into the extent of a moth infestation. The leaflet with the moth box provides extensive information about further measures, such as the use of the Aries Anti Mot aerosols with neem oil.

Simple and effective

The attractant works for 12 weeks after opening the protective packaging. The moth box contains no toxic substances and can therefore be used anywhere. Operates in a space up to approximately 70 m2. The box is easy to fold and you stick the adhesive strip in it so that it cannot come into contact with your wool stock, clothing or textiles. With the enclosed hanger you can easily hang the box.


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