Fiskars Ergonomic Scissors


These sturdy and handy scissors for all applications fit perfectly in the hand. Ideally suited for effortless cutting of thin and thick fabrics.

Because of the Softtouch? non-slip handle and the long cutting blades cut long pieces effortlessly. However, the scissors are also suitable for small and detailed work. A spring helps to open the scissors again and again. The cutting blades can be adjusted by the adjusting screw. Thanks to the orange locking button, the scissors remain securely closed when not in use.

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With these ergonomic scissors you use the power of the entire hand, so not just your thumb and a finger. This model is therefore also known as pinch scissors, comfort scissors or rheumatism scissors. For anyone who wants to use less force when cutting! Because of the shape of these scissors you always keep a good view of your work.

Fiskar's Softtouch? Professional universal scissors 26 cm. Weight approx. 150 grams. Suitable for left and right hand use.


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